New writers and established writers are welcomed at The Sydney Writers’ Room.

The room’s offices are a space where writers of many interests and disciplines mingle. The offices are located in a quiet wing of the building’s fourth floor, providing a respite from the distractions of home, an alternative to the café or the oversubscribed desks of a public library.

From film and television, to novels and poetry, history, journalism and new media. All who labour long at a keyboard agonising over the placement of words can find a home in the Sydney Writers’ Room.

Current members are working on short fiction, long fiction, non-fiction, journalism, scriptwriting, academic theses and poetry.

Applicants ideally should be serious about developing pathways for publication for their work.


There is currently only one category of membership on offer for new members: hot desking.

Hot-Desk Members

Fees: $150 per month, plus a one off moving-in fee of $100 and  returnable key deposit of $100.
Includes: Round-the-clock access to one of our “hot-desks”; your own private locker and Wi-Fi.

Permanent Members

At present, permanent membership is only accessible via joining as a hotdesker and then putting your name on a waiting list for a permanent office.

Fees: $240 per month, plus a one off moving-in fee of $100, and a returnable key deposit of $100.
Includes: Round-the-clock access to your own permanent desk and shelving and Wi-Fi.

Preparing your application

Please include the following in your application:

  • Your desired membership type (hot desker or hot desker with a view to permanent in the future)
  • A concise statement that describes the project/s you intend developing in the Sydney Writers’ Room.
  • A short CV including writing achievements to date.
  • One professional or personal referee.

Please submit your application using our contact page.

Submissions are reviewed weekly.