The Sydney Museum of Words has announced the location of its first exhibition – premiering on Saturday 16th November for an initial sneak-peak two-week run, in Sydney’s Potts Point.

Curator of the Museum Charles Firth (“The Chaser”), says the new museum is a “world first”, generously supported by the City of Sydney’s cultural grants program, in conjunction with the Sydney Writers’ Room.

“The exhibition will provide locals and tourists a collection of only the best words that Australia – and Sydney – has to offer.”

“We will be showcasing words on loan from some of the great names of our generation, such as Rupert Murdoch, Bob Hawke, Germaine Greer and Julian Assange. As well as lesser people, such as Kyle Sandilands.”

“There is a special sealed-section of words that all Sydney-siders should know. It’s amazing how useful Eora words are when you’re wanting to curse Sydney’s traffic.”

“Remember the last time there was a Picasso exhibition in Sydney and you missed it because you were too busy drinking lattes and chatting about property prices? Yeah, well, this will be even better. And way more classy.”

The Museum will feature words mounted and hung around the rooms, in a museum-style format. “The idea is to encourage people to spend time reflecting on words outside of their every day use. We’re taking words out of their normal context.”

“We have literally scoured the entire planet for the most controversial words available. We wrote to Bill Henson asking him to donate a word. But it turns out pretty much every word in his collection is incredibly young. Disgusting.”

The Museum also includes an audio tour, which describes each word’s etymology, and tells the story of its significance to Australia. “It’s a great for a day out with the kids. Who knows, they might even learn something about the Australian language?”

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VENUE: 29 Challis Avenue, Potts Point, New South Wales
DATES: Saturday 16 November to Sunday 1 December
OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00am – 5.00pm